Greenwood Pipes
Finely Crafted Uilleann Bagpipes and Irish Whistles
by David A. Boisvert
Currently Available for Sale (5/18/2015)

Currently Available For Sale (1/2/2015)

(9/25/2012) Full set of Uilleann Pipes Available!
I finally caught up with the whistle portion of my interest list. So I'm finally getting some Uilleann pipes made!

(8/25/2012) Whistles Available!

I currently have one of each of the above sets available for sale. Please email me if you have any questions!

(5/20/2012) The Interest List is ALL CAUGHT UP!!

Well, at least for whistle orders. I'm planning on completeing one D/C whistle set per week as I begin working on some pipes.

(3/27/2012) Interest List Update!

I recently discovered a problem with my website/email setup. It seems somewhere along the line the Interest List stopped working! It appears to have occurred in December of 2010. If you've left your name on the list since then, I'm afraid your request was lost. Please accept my apologies. The error has been fixed. Please leave your request on the list one more time.

(1/3/2012) Important News!

I am back in the shop and at the lathe. I am currently working on various sets of pipes and other projects. Currently I am completeing approximately 1 whistle D/C set per week. Individuals who were formerly in my order book and those who are currently on my Interest List will be given preference before items are offered for sale to the general public.

I do not currently accept direct customer orders. Instead I have decided to open an Interest List.